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Bathroom Decorating & Remodeling - Getting Organized

Like any home improvement task, bathroom remodeling and decorating should ideally be done as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize disruption to the household.  To do this requires you to be organized, and there are various things to take into account when planning your project.

Your budget is something that needs to be calculated before any work begins.  It should be fairly easy to determine the cost of your suite and accessories, as they will be at a set price in the store.  However, there are other potential costs to be accounted for when setting your budget.  Get quotes from the relevant professionals that you will need to hire to do things like the plumbing and electrics.  Get a quote for whatever choice of flooring you intend to have, and budget for the general redecoration materials ie. paint and wall tiles.  If you’re planning any structural alterations, find out how much the building work will cost you.  Once you’re come up with a final total, it’s a good idea to add at least 10% on, to allow for any unforeseen costs that inevitably crop up in most home improvement projects.

You then need to come up with a timescale and schedule for the work to be completed.  It generally takes longer than one expects to completely finish major bathroom remodeling and decorating work.  However, as long as the water supply isn’t switched off for a long period, and the new appliances are installed the same day the old ones are removed, the bathroom should continue to be usable for the duration of the project. 

You will need to factor in various outcomes.  For example, if you need to order your new bathroom suite, find out how long it will take to be delivered.  Allow yourself a few days before delivery to carry out any necessary preparation work.  Come up with a realistic timetable of jobs and allow for delays when waiting for a tradesperson to do their bit – it’s advisable to book any tradesperson in advance and make sure their visit will realistically fit into your timeframe.  Remember to hire a skip or make the necessary arrangements to dispose of any rubbish, such as the old bathroom suite.  And allow yourself sufficient time to do the decorating once all the major work has been completed.

Even if you plan to do most of the work yourself, you may need to hire a plumber, electrician or builder for certain skilled tasks.  If you can, choose a tradesperson who has been recommended by a friend, so you can be sure of their reliability.  Beware of estimates – it’s far better to get a written quote, which can’t be inflated when you get the final bill.  Don’t offer to pay up front – there’s more incentive for a tradesperson to focus on your project if the money is to be paid on completion.  An alternative, if it’s a big project, is to pay in stages, but be sure to agree on the amount of work to be done before payment is made. 

When actually purchasing your new bathroom, make sure you are clear about what exactly is included in the price.  Things like an end panel for the bath, plinth and cornice and cabinet door handles might be extra, so check before you buy so you know how much you will have to pay in total.  Ask for clarification of the delivery date, as this will usually be a few days after you place your order.  Once your delivery arrives, check against the invoice to make sure all the components have been included and that nothing is damaged.  A missing piece can cause a long delay and a lot of hassle if it’s only discovered once work is underway.