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Shower Enclosures

A shower enclosure or stall is basically the surrounding framework of your shower, which works as a barrier to keep water spray inside the showering area.  Which type of shower stall you need depends on whereabouts your shower is located and your bathroom’s layout.  For instance, if your shower is recessed or in an alcove and you’ve got three tiled walls, you would just need a shower tray and door to stop water escaping.  Or if your shower has no side walls, you’d need two side panels made from acrylic, fiberglass or tempered glass.

Shower enclosures can be fitted into most bathrooms, even smaller ones, with proper planning.  Your shower stall will need to be big enough to be comfortable to use and will need to be easily accessible.  In a larger bathroom, a separate shower stall in addition to a bathtub is a good option, as it gives you the choice of a refreshing shower or a long hot soak. 

Another option is to replace your bath entirely with a walk in shower enclosure.  This can be a good idea of space is limited, or for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath.  Alternatively, you could install a shower above your bath and fit a shower screen, combining the best of both worlds.

Shower enclosures can be put together in situ using a shower tray, shower door and side panels.  How many side panels you require depends on the positioning of your shower.  For example, if you shower’s in a corner, you could tile the two walls, then fit just one side panel plus a door.
Adding a glass shower enclosure is a great way to create a light and airy feeling, and to help a small room appear larger. Glass shower stalls are available in a choice of finishes, depending on your particular tastes. Clear, etched and molded glass is among the options.
Frameless glass shower enclosures are a popular favorite with many people. They can look very sleek and modern. A frameless glass shower enclosure will be made from thick tempered glass that is very difficult to break and is designed to last for years.

Bathroom shower stalls with frames are another option. The frames come in a selection of finishes so you can choose one that compliments your existing décor and color scheme.  Acrylic and fiberglass are other modern shower stall materials that are popular for their durability.