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Bathroom Design - Define Your Bathroom's Style

It’s entirely down to your personal tastes and the limits of your budget as to whether you decide to go for a partially or fully-fitted bathroom, or for a basic suite that can then be enhanced with stylish faucets and other accessories.  Think about the character of your home and the décor in other rooms, and decide whether you’d like your bathroom to follow the same decorating theme or stand on its own.

Modern fitted bathrooms have your fixtures, such as your toilet and sink, built into the surrounding units, which gives a nice flowing finish.  As well as looking visually appealing, fitted bathrooms have the benefit of lots of storage space, with a useful combination of cabinets, shelving and work surfaces.  The design of a fitted bathroom will greatly influence the general decoration of the room, and can really transform an outdated bathroom and give it a modern and functional new image.

The classical bathroom is defined by basic fittings that are enhanced with decorative features such as an attractive wooden bath panel, an ornately framed mirror and elegant window dressings.  This style of bathroom works well in smaller bathrooms as, by having just the basic fixtures and no fitted units, you’re left with more floor space.

Of course, if you’d like a modern looking bathroom but you don’t have the space for fully-fitted units, or you simply would like a contemporary unfitted bathroom, it’s possible to find a good choice of suites in contemporary and unique styles.  Like with a classical unfitted bathroom, your choice of color, furnishings and accessories can help add the finishing touches and bring the new look together.

If you live in a period home, the chances are you will want a traditional style bathroom inspired by the designs of that era.  The design of the bath, sink and toilet will tend to be much more decorative than modern bathroom fixtures, and fittings such as the faucets and towel rings will be ornately crafted and can be attractive features of your room’s design.  Things like bathroom cabinets and bath panels are also available in traditional or antique effect styles, to faithfully complete the overall elegant look.

Designer bathrooms are those with fashionable, ultra modern designs, which have a unique and impressive finish.  They generally look sleek and minimalist, but tend to be considerably more expensive than other styles of bathroom.  Also, the pristine showroom appearance might not be practical or sustainable in a busy household.