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Bathroom Fixtures – A Guide To The Different Styles Of Baths, Sinks & Toilets

There are many different styles to choose from when buying a new bathroom, and as your bathroom fixtures don’t have a structural purpose, which design to go for is down to you and whatever style you happen to prefer. 

The most common type of bath tub is the standard bath that needs a panel to be fitted to hide the pipe work beneath.  Standard baths are made en masse so they tend to be much cheaper than other types of tub.  In a traditional bathroom, a roll top bath would be a fitting choice.  They tend to be more expensive than basic baths, but do have a certain elegance to their appearance.  Another style that can add a luxurious touch is a corner bath.  These come in various sizes and can be ideal where you’re pushed for space.

When it comes to toilets, you have the options of a high or low-level WC or a close-coupled design.  Close-coupled toilets are a modern design where the cistern is attached to the toilet pan.  The advantages of this style are that it’s easier to install than more old-fashioned toilets and it takes up less space.  However, if you’re after an authentic traditional look, a high-level toilet might be more appropriate.  This sort of lavatory has the cistern positioned at a high point over the toilet, with a long supply pipe.  Low-level toilets have a similar design, but with the cistern much closer to the toilet pan and a shorter supply pipe.

With regards to bathroom sinks, pedestal sinks are the most common style as they look neat and conceal the pipe work under the basin itself.  An alternative is a wall-mounted sink, which needs strong fixings to support its weight.  It’s harder to disguise the pipes with a wall-mounted design, but it can look great if done well.  In smaller bathrooms, en suites or downstairs loos, corner sinks can be excellent for saving space.

Color is another factor to consider as well as style.  As a general rule, white is the most popular color of bathroom suites as it has a timeless appeal and will go with virtually any style or color of decoration.