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A Hookless Shower Curtain Can Look Great In Any Bathroom

Looking for a hookless shower curtain as part of your bathroom makeover plans? A hookless shower curtain can look really smart and stylish. You may be surprised at the difference a new bath shower curtain makes to the overall appearance of the room. These days loads of elegant shower curtains in a huge variety of styles and colors can be purchased from online stores such as those listed here. Whatever your bathroom design and your personal style, you are sure to find inspiration on these sites.

A hookless shower curtain is simple to install. As the name suggests you do not need any hooks or rings to attach it to your shower rail. You can simply fold it over and snap the fastenings shut. This style can look great with many different designs, such as a double swag shower curtain, creating a sense of luxury and elegance. It can work well in unusual shaped bathrooms too and can be found on some extra long shower curtain ranges. If you like this look then remember to request it if buying a custom shower curtain unique to your particular bathroom.

If a hookless shower curtain does not appeal, there are loads of cool shower curtains out there that do need hooks or rings, which can be a design accessory in themselves. For example, did you know you can get special shaped fish or heart shower curtain hooks? Think about what theme you want to have in your bathroom. For example, a Waverly vintage rose shower curtain would work well if you are aiming for a country style look, as would a Sturbridge plaid shower curtain. Get some ideas from these online stores and enjoy your new look.