Showers & Bathrooms


Selecting Your New Bathroom Fittings

Once you’ve decided on the main bathroom fixtures you want to install, it’s time to choose the smaller details such as the bath and sink faucets, towel rings and soap holders.  As long as they are compatible, it’s possible to mix and match fittings to your choice of suite, and you’re by no means limited to what the manufacturers recommend. 

There are a massive variety of faucets on the market these days, so you need to consider function, quality and price as well as style when making your choice.  It helps to narrow down your options to those that are both compatible with your suite and within your price range.  There are various finishes to choose from as well, such as chrome and gold-plated.  You’ll also need to decide whether to go for a traditional chain and plug waste, or a more modern pop-up one. 

Accessories such as towel rings and rails, toothbrush holders etc usually come in sets, which is handy for a coordinated and flowing look.  Of course, these items are going to be the last things you fit, after all the large fixtures and fittings are installed.  However, by picking them out during the planning stage, you’ll be able to visualize better what the overall finished look will be.  Although they are functional accessories, their appearance is important in defining your bathroom’s image and ambiance.  For instance, minimalist styles can look good in modern and contemporary bathrooms, whereas more decorative designs can give an ornate touch to a traditional or period bathroom.  Finishes include chrome, glass, ceramic and brass-plated.

Other accessories that can be used to add the finishing touches to your hard work are portable things like bathroom scales, freestanding mirrors etc which can be positioned accordingly once the permanent features are in place.