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Bathroom Lighting Tips

Your choice of bathroom lighting is critical in achieving the mood you want to create in your bathroom.  Changing your lighting can have a transformational effect on your bathroom’s appearance.  It’s relatively inexpensive to install new lighting fixtures in a bathroom, giving you the freedom to illuminate specific areas such as a face or vanity mirror.  There will probably be some structural work to the walls and ceiling involved, and it’s advisable to have the job done professionally by a qualified electrician.

Bathroom lighting can be used to create the ambiance you desire.  For instance, soft lighting is ideal for turning the bath into a romantic or relaxing retreat, or you could choose contemporary light fixtures to add a modern twist to your bathroom's design.  Bright lights, such as spotlights near your mirror or cabinet, are helpful for performing tasks such as shaving or putting on makeup.  As well as the more traditional ceiling lights, there are all sorts of wall lights, up lighters and down lighters for more unobtrusive and atmospheric lighting. 

The light fittings you choose need to be suitable for use in the steamy bathroom environment, so they won’t be damaged by condensation and moisture in the air.  Check also that the bulbs you want to use are safe for bathroom use.  Low voltage halogen bulbs are ideal for spotlights, and tungsten filament bulbs are great for general lighting purposes.

Of course, the natural light that comes through your window is another factor to consider.  Try to let as much light in as possible, and use a Venetian blind or unlined curtains to protect your privacy but still let in some sunshine.  The position of any mirrors in your bathroom can also help to disperse light around the room and create a welcoming ambiance.